Zebra is one of the best Auto InsurTech companies:

As mentioned in the top quote tools, we have a few favorite tools. The Zebra , an insurance quote comparison tool is one of them.   Zebra is one of the best Auto InsurTech companies out there right now.

As the resident Millennial, I gave it a try…

A quote comparison tool is great technology enhancement used to help consumers find competitive auto insurance quotes.

The Zebra provides simple, real-time comparison of more than 1,800 car insurance products from over 200 companies nationwide, giving drivers instant access to the massive car insurance market, and saving drivers an average of $368 per year.

Top 5 Insurance Quote comparison tools

Why the The Zebra

  • Low effort to get quotes – I got feedback while sitting around using my phone
  • Fast turnaround – I compared 12 companies in 2.9 minutes
  • Few questions – see below
  • Easy to compare quotes across many companies – very simple to compare pricing

A few questions about my vehicle.

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year

A few questions about me

  • Birth-date
  • Credit Score
  • Marital Status
  • Gender
  • Current Insurance company
  • Accidents or tickets in the last 5 years
  • Home ownership
  • Usage and distance traveled
  • Ownership
  • Anti-theft devices?
  • Coverage limits (minimum/Basic/Better/Best)

That was practically it.  I was ready to get my insurance.

This was an entirely new experience from my direct quotes from my old insurance company.

Time savings

While I was prepared to get quotes, I was able to compare 12 companies in 2.9 minutes.  If I was to compare all these companies myself online or with the help of an agent or broker it would have taken much longer.

The time savings is a huge value add.

Images of the site



And mobile friendly.

Top 5 Insurance Quote comparison tools

Mobile Friendliness

Important to note, I got these quotes using my phone while at airport bar waiting for plane.

It was a great experience, especially if you have a few minutes to spare.  For a non-insurance professional, they have details about each company in a drop down talking about features, ratings, and financial strength.  Considering I know these insurance companies and their reputations this wasn’t new for me but I can see how a non-insurance professional would get a lot of value from this type of insight.


I immediately imagined being in the car dealership, waiting for my new car or lease, while it was being detailed and pulled up to the front of the dealership, and I got my insurance before they pulled up, no hassle or questions asked.

Or after a tough renewal discussion with an insurance company where they wanted to raise my premiums, utilizing a tool like Zebra to find a new carrier.

These scenarios and uses are endless.

In addition to being backed by Mark Cuban, the Zebra, has my support as The Millennial Shark.  I couldn’t be happier with what I experienced.

Click here to visit The Zebra

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