Top Personal Finance blogs

These are some of the top personal finance blogs I have come across in the last few years.

This list isn’t the entire list of personal finance blogs out there, however, these are great resources for anyone interested in learning more about budgeting, finance, and how to manage your own money – from blogs that are transparent and good content.

I know I don’t have all of the great blogs on this list – these are ones that I follow and enjoy.  Occasionally I will join the conversations via comments, most of the time just a reader/observer.

I encourage readers to check these out – they each have their own style and tremendous value.

  1. Financial Samurai
    • Sam does a great job discussing a variety of topics but has opened my eyes to passive income and I now track passive income differently.  My focus has shifted for the better thanks to his help.

  2. Mr. Money Mustache
    • MMM has a great style to it, that I feel closely aligns to me.  Can’t put my finger on it – the modest lifestyle or the outdoor nature of some of the posts – but it also is a great tool for empowering readers.

  3. Budgets are Sexy 
    • J. Money is an inspiring author who has learned the tools on his own, and shares his story and tips openly.  Probably more than he realizes his site has helped InsuranceShark find its voice/style.

  4. Rockstar Finance (same owner as #3)
    • RF scans >200 articles everyday and feature the best ones – they find ways to motivate and inspire me.  It’s a great resource to find other personal finance websites/blogs of interest.

I will occasionally reference these sites in posts or discussion, it might be a specific article that has helped create an idea or a thought that can relate to insurance topic.

This list may grow over time as I find other good blogs to share with readers.

Feel free to share others in the comments below and I will review/update the list occasionally.