A few tips for greatness in Insurance career:

In any part of your career these are important tips to know.

Those of you at the beginning of your career you will benefit much greater than those at the middle or end (think about compound interest).  These are a few tips for greatness in your Insurance career, but also for life in general.

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What is the benefit of a successful career, if you don’t have the longevity to enjoy it?

Also, how will you achieve greatness if you don’t have the energy to support it?

Eat healthy, get good sleep, focus on exercise and take care of your body.  This may mean the difference between tens of thousands to millions towards the end of your life, with compound interest.  Also your ability to take on more and more responsibility over time -will require great energy.

Exercise is great for the brain and stress reduction.  Success requires functioning at top levels,  get your health right and even the smallest side effect, might be the Halo effect.


Most people chose to be entertained, whether it be watching TV or movies versus continuous learning and education.   Watching TV requires the same brain power as staring at a wall.  If you utilized the 1-2 hours a day of TV for learning, the growth would be endless.  The successful and wealthy all value education – in it’s various forms.

Prioritizing continuous learning is not something many do, although insurance industry includes some top notch learners, this will set you apart.

This will also help you stay relevant in an ever changing, technology driven world.  In the face of disruption, do you want to be left behind?

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Routine and Patience

If you read Tim Ferris recent book, Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers, the most successful people in the world have deliberate, disciplined, consistent routines.  They are patient to see results but know that they take time and routines create the environment for this success.

Whether it’s morning exercise, reading newspaper, studying for exams, successful people will thrive under routine environments.

Patience to know it takes time to develop and see a few market cycles, develop relationships, etc. will also serve you well.

Discipline and Focus

Most people chose comfort and security over freedom.  A successful life, regardless of your dreams/goals, will require discipline and focus.

Ordinary people give up well before the results show themselves.

Short term sacrifices for long term payouts or results are the most rewarding parts of the journey.

Study, Study, Study

Education is something that cannot be taken away from you.  Investing in your self education  – both time and money is uncommon.  Refusing to make the common choices will help you have an above average career.

Studying the insurance business with a focus on improvement is going to be good for you, your customers, and your company.  You are a knowledge worker, so act like it.  See the article The most useful designations in the Insurance industry.

Many people dream of success but are unwilling to put in the efforts to achieve that success.  Chose to improve, greatness will follow with this effort.

Read, Read, Read and Read some more…

Warren Buffett is reported to spend 70-80% of his day reading.  Elon Musk is a well known reader.  Bill Gates is also a big proponent of reading.

Do you think these success stories are accidental?

Most of the richest people in the world are avid readers, but to succeed in insurance – having the perspective and diversity of thought -will benefit you greatly.   Read the newspaper daily.

The insurance business requires knowing many other businesses, people, and the risks that are involved.  Don’t pass up the chance to read.

See any of the following:

In any industry, Success and Greatness doesn’t come easy it takes hard word.

These are a few tips for greatness in an insurance career.

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