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Insurance Shark is a blue-ocean for info about the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry, topics range from emerging risks for Property & Casualty both personal & commercial insurance to Life and Health insurance topics, we will address underwriting, finance, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, industry and market trends and the interaction of the insurance industry with the capital markets.


This site is directed at consumers & non-industry insiders as well as Insurance industry insiders as a resource to maximize returns and find strategies to efficiently use their capital & avoid “Red Ocean” strategies.

For the insurance industry insider, we will cover insurance industry news, events, announcements, company news and investors’ briefings, innovations, products and services.

For the consumer, we will address topics like risk management, risk financing, strategy, how to buy insurance and the basics around understanding and quantifying risk.

As we advance, we will have product recommendations for the consumer and direct links to products or consultants/brokers who can advise the business or individual on the best risk management strategies.

The goal of this site is to inform individuals and business about insurance products and services, about the insurance industry, decipher the insurance language, the language of risk and discuss news and events in the industry…you may occasionally see some posts around personal finance and occasional investment analysis as the topics sometimes overlap.

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