Personal and Advertising Injury:

According to IRMI, personal and advertising injury are defined as follows:

Personal Injury

Under general liability coverage, a category of insurable offenses that produce harm other than bodily injury (BI). As covered by the 1986 commercial general liability (CGL) policy, PI includes: false arrest, detention, or imprisonment; malicious prosecution; wrongful eviction; slander; libel; and invasion of privacy. Also addressed in the homeowners policy. Under umbrella liability insurance, a broad category of insurable offenses that includes both BI and the offenses defined as “personal injury” in CGL policies.

Advertising Injury

A general liability coverage, combined in standard commercial general liability (CGL) policies with personal injury (PI) coverage, that insures the following offenses in connection with the insured’s advertising of its goods or services: libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of advertising ideas.

InsuranceShark example:

A customer sues a major retailer after the retailer pressed criminal theft charges against the customer. Then the customer suffers a heart attack or stroke which is found to have been the direct result of the criminal prosecution.  This retailer if sued would be seeking coverage under Coverage B- Personal and Advertising Injury.

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