Internships in Insurance and Reinsurance:

Internships in Insurance and Reinsurance are great opportunities for college students and young adults to get real world experience.  These internships provide great real work experience and resume builders.  It’s been my experience that most people who have internships in the industry, tend to enjoy it and stay in the insurance/reinsurance business for career.

Depending on the company you intern with – it can be a formal internship program or informal internship (on the job training).  There are also a few paths to pursue: Underwriting intern, Marketing intern, Actuarial intern, Claims intern, etc.  Each of these types of internships will have different experiences.

As a Millennial, I have been working with the interns each year.  It has been a great experience to help train new professionals and future leaders in our industry.  Some advice and thoughts for interns from my experience include the following:

Be prepared.

Work hard.

No task is too small.

Be prepared.  In the interview process, be prepared and researched about the industry.  Write an article or paper about the insurance industry.  Ask family and friends in the insurance industry about the profession, what to expect, etc.   The simplest of extra effort goes a long way in positioning you for the internship.

Work Hard.  Working with your business leader or summer colleagues is an opportunity to work hard.  Everyone is watching you, whether you know it or not.  Laziness is a bad quality and you don’t want a bad reputation.  Perception is reality.  Don’t cruise in the summer internship- work hard and it will pay dividends.  It will also help you secure a job with that firm afterwards or receive recommendations for future jobs.

No task is too small.  When you are learning a profession or industry, it is the small details and tasks that provide the greatest learning experiences.  Talent is overrated.  It’s those willing to go the extra mile that have the greatest career upside.  Make the most of the opportunity.  Enjoy and live in the moment.

Carpe diem!

Good ways to secure an internship include the following:

If you are young and passionate about a career in insurance industry, you’re in a good position to be happy with your pursuit…it is a great industry with good careers for development, growth, learning and leadership opportunities.

If you haven’t considered insurance as a profession, it might be time.  There is a talent gap and plenty of opportunity for young professionals to advance and grow a career in a stable industry.

Consider an internship as a great opportunity to learn more.

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