Insurance Company Reviews:

This is your chance to review your insurance company – customer service, ease of doing business, claims paying, etc.   This is your one stop platform for insurance information, reviews, and feedback about the insurance company you will be partnering.

This is a true measure of a InsuranceShark, your ability to navigate the marketplace as an insurance expert – understanding the quality of your insurance carrier and paying it forward to future Sharks.

Click here to find your company and submit a review.

Please include your review in the comments section of the page.

Rating methodology:

Please use a rating of 1/5 for each category and overall rating of 1/5.   1 being a low rating and 5 being a high rating.  Add up the scores and divide by 10 to come up with overall score.

In your review please include the following information:

  • Overall rating
  • Ease of getting quote
  • Competitiveness of quote
  • Flexibility and customization of insurance products
  • Customer service
  • Claims paying process
  • Ease of submitting a claim
  • Ease of understanding policy and insurance
  • Coverage issues
  • Miscellaneous
  • Detailed commentary

All users will have the opportunity to comment on their respective Insurance Companies, if you don’t see your company please Contact Us, and we will add it.

If you are using a quote comparison tool, please also send us a note and we will add your review of the tool.

Company representatives are encouraged to engaged with the reviewers for how to improve and help customers.

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