Life Insurance

Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance is a very important product to protect your family in the event of death.  Life insurance is used to replace in whole or part the economic value of human life for either family purposes or business purposes. In exchange for premium payments, the life insurance company agrees to pay a death benefit upon the death of the insured to the beneficiary named in the application for the policy. Life insurance policies may provide other uses and benefits as well.    Please see our article about the  Top 10 Questions about Life Insurance to help with Frequently asked Questions. 


Why Choose USAA?
Serving the Military Community

At USAA, we understand that military lives are different. That’s why we offer financial advice tailored to your needs — and guided by the values of service, loyalty, honesty and integrity.
Benefits for Military Members

In the event your death is caused by war, you’re still covered. And you get coverage that stays with you through your service, plus guaranteed additional coverage when you leave the military.

Support for Your Loved Ones

Count on USAA to be there for your family. Your family will have one main point of contact that can help walk them through the steps needed.