How to land the “big job” in insurance:

Hard work and dedication are big inputs to landing the Big job.  Without the appropriate experience and credentials it is tough to keep moving up the ladder.  There is no exact formula for how to land the big job in insurance as everyone goes about it differently.  But here are three suggestions:


While you are working your tail off in the office, insurance recruiters are working their tail off finding the big salary and title opportunities.  These leads are tough to find on your own, but insurance recruiters have a network of HR, management and other connections that help them identity leads.

Stay close and well connected with insurance recruiters for many reasons.

First they know who’s hiring, they know who’s looking to leave and they know the names and reputations of top talent and hiring managers.

If you are already in insurance, recruiters will help you find the next level role, transition to new positions, move to reinsurance, prepare for interviews and help you with any advice for your resume.  Our experience with recruiters is that they will also give honest feedback on positions you are over or under qualified.

Always stay in touch with previous recruiters who have helped place you in prior jobs, as they are a great resource for opportunities down the road.

They can also help with future talent/recruiting or if you experience any waves in your career.


If you are looking for a new career in insurance these valuable books/resources will help you prepare on your own, as well as InsuranceShark’s recommendations over time – will be valuable resources.
Make sure you have the appropriate training, credentials, & education.  As knowledge based employees, every time you improve your education your value increases – you are a better asset for your organization.


Always keep in mind your purpose statement, personal goals, your principles and the things you are looking for in your life/career.  Sometimes the offer of a 20% increase in base pay can blind you from what you are really looking for in your life.   If you make a jump for money alone, you may be on the job hunt again within a year or two.  Not ideal.
Work hard, be patient, understand and set real expectations, develop relationships with senior leadership in your organization and across the industry.

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