How To Avoid Identity Theft:

The online world is constantly evolving and moving towards a situation where all things become digital. The disadvantage of the digital evolution is a steep increase in identity theft.

In 2017, the total number of victims of identity theft in the U.S. alone totalled 16.7 million. Many strategy and research firms predict that identity theft will grow in numbers worldwide in the years to come.

In this article, I’ll explain what identity theft is, insurance offerings in relation to ID theft and how you can avoid identity theft.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a form of fraud. It happens when someone steals your personal information and then pretends to be you, often for financial gain.

Identity theft usually means that either your full name, email address, login details, ID card number, passport number or bank/credit card details are stolen. Cyber criminals who commit identity theft could potentially sell the information or abuse it themselves.

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