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The insurance industry is a dynamic one, with new opportunities existing virtually everywhere for the experienced professional. Taking advantage of those opportunities sometimes means pulling up your roots and relocating to a different part of the country. It’s estimated that the average American changes his or her address 11 times over the course of his or her lifetime. Whether it’s your first move or your fourth, however, there are steps to take to ensure a smooth transition — one of which is making sure you provide a change of address to all of the people and entities who need it.

This advice could also help your customers, by the way. If you are a homeowner’s insurance agent, you may frequently have contact with customers who are moving or who have recently moved, and they also could benefit from the information in this guide. Pass it along to score some customer service points.

Changing your address information when you move is among the most important steps to take. However, if all you’re doing is telling the post office to send your mail to your new address, you’re probably going to experience trouble later. The process of changing your address is more involved than having your mail forwarded to your new home, but as long as you follow all of the steps, your potential troubles will be minimized or eliminated.

For example, many people don’t realize that they must notify the Internal Revenue Service of an address change. Failure to do so in a timely manner may delay the receipt of essential tax documents or prevent you from getting a refund check in a timely manner. Credit card providers must also be made aware of your move, or you could be liable for penalties for late payments, which could impact your credit score.

If you’re moving in the near future to take advantage of a new opportunity in your insurance career, make sure you’re fully prepared. Changing your address can be an involved process, but it’s one of the most important things you can do when moving. Review the accompanying guide from University Moving and Storage to make sure you do everything you should to properly change your address with all relevant parties.

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