Everything You Must Know About Moving Insurance:

Most often than not, moving from one location to another can be stressful. The number of tasks you’ll have to accomplish in order to have a successful move can be too overwhelming especially if you have other responsibilities on your plate. For starters, you’ll have to exhaust time, effort and resources to clean your house before leaving, sort out which items are still usable, and sell those which aren’t so you’ll have more money for your moving expenses. Aside from this, thinking about the condition of your valuables during the move can also become the reason why you’d experience too much stress. Regardless if you’re moving on your own or with a trusted moving company, you need to make sure that all of your valuables are still in the same condition even after arriving in the new location.

Your valuables are important to you for a variety of reasons. Some of these might be a product of your well-earned money while others might be a family heirloom. If you want to protect your valuables during the move, consider getting moving insurance. Similar to other types of insurance, moving insurance can be an excellent investment to help you safeguard all of your valuables. To drive the point home, consider the points written below:

  1.   How can you protect your valuables?

Once you decide to hire a moving company, they’ll immediately come up with a cost in exchange for their services. There are many factors involved in the cost and one of this is how you choose to value your items with moving insurance. Depending on the moving insurance you’ll get from the moving company or insurer, you might have to pay lesser or higher than the usual moving expenses.

  1.   What are your available options?

There are many types of moving insurance. This variety allows customers like you to choose a moving insurance which is apt for your needs and budget. This will also enable you to create a tailored-fit moving insurance which can protect your prized possessions. Generally, you can choose from the following moving insurances:

  • Full replacement value protection (full valuation): When you choose to get this kind of insurance, the moving company will reimburse any lost or damaged valuable based on its market value or repair costs. A full replacement value protection policy assures that the moving company has the full responsibility for your valuables during the move. This option offers the most protection but it’s also the most expensive.
  • Released value: If you’re eyeing to get a moving insurance which is cheap, the released value can be an excellent option for you. And while this coverage is basically free, it doesn’t guarantee to pay for any repair costs or replacement of the value once lost. When you use this option, you’ll only be reimbursed based on the weight of your value which is 60 cents a pound.
  • Third-party insurance coverage: If you’re not satisfied with the policy offered by the moving company, you can always have the option to get a third-party insurance coverage. This coverage will require you to work with an insurer who is knowledgeable about moving insurance. The moving company can recommend an insurer to work with you but you also have the choice to look for one on your own.
  1.   Where should you get moving insurance?

As mentioned, when deciding to buy third-party insurance, you’ll have a lot of options. If you want to end up using the best third-party insurance for your move, take time to scout for options and compare their policies and prices. It’s also important that you weigh the pros and cons of a full replacement variation protection and a third-party moving coverage. Once you do this, you’ll be able to ensure all of your valuables even when you decide to move on your own.

  1.   Can renter’s insurance protect your move?

If you have renter’s insurance policy, check your coverage for moving. You don’t want to get another moving insurance from an insurer when you’re already entitled of the same benefit from your renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance can help you but it’s not enough to fully protect you during a move.

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  1.   What are your responsibilities when you pack?

Just because you have moving insurance, doesn’t mean that you can be careless about what you pack and how you pack it. On the contrary, you’ll have to follow certainly do’s and don’ts so the law can continually protect your valuables. For example, you’re not allowed to pack any dangerous or perishable goods during your move. Any valuables which are priced at more than $100 should also be declared to the moving so the price can be considered to the estimate.

Protecting Your Valuables

For sure, there are a handful of valuables in your home which has impacted your life. These valuables might seem like an ordinary item for others but the memories you’ve had with an “items” allows you to look at it differently. If you don’t want to be stressed thinking about the condition of your valuables during the move, get moving insurance right away. With the right kind of moving insurance, you’ll have the guarantee that the moving company or insurer will do their best to protect your valuables and provide you appropriate reimbursement whenever they fail to meet this expectation. Having moving insurance can give you the peace of mind you need for the move!

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