Buyer’s Guide For Siding

Your home’s siding does more than help it look good — it serves as a crucial defense mechanism.

Having the right siding in place is essential not only to achieve the look you want for your home but also to keep it safe from the elements. For example, durable, water-resistant siding will keep your home in better shape for longer. Meaning, you’ll have less maintenance to perform, lower energy bills and potentially better homeowners insurance premiums. On the other hand, buying the wrong siding for your home could lead to unexpected expenses and higher costs.

For example, because vinyl siding offers less protection against fire as well as being susceptible to wind or hail damage, insurers may be less willing to provide protection to homes that feature it. On the other hand, stucco or cement fiber siding may be more appealing to insurers because they are much more fire-resistant than other types of exteriors.

All of that adds up to siding being one of the most important purchases you can make as a homeowner. There are many options available, and although you want to be sure that what you choose will make your home pleasant to look at, that’s far from the only aspect you need to consider.

Because different materials have varying strengths and weaknesses, you should take them all into consideration before investing the time and money into your next siding project. For more information, read the following guide to learn about the factors to consider to help you buy siding that’s both attractive and functional.

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