What is excluded on a Commercial general liability policy?

Business owners are focused on their core responsibilities which is growing their business, helping customers, and solving problems. Spending time on insurance, learning or understanding concepts is sometimes out of the focus of most business owners.   Many business owners are unaware of what is excluded on a commercial general liability policy, others are well aware.

This is a quick list of exclusions for those business owners in a hurry.

Commercial general liability (CGL) policy

The standard commercial general liability (CGL) policy is complex.  It is up to business owners to seek out the information and ask questions to ensure your most appropriate risks are covered.  With the help of your insurance broker, risk management personnel or insurance buyer you can build on the basics below.

We will discuss each exclusion under Coverage A – Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability on a separate article, please click the exclusion for more.

  1. Expected or Intended Injury

  2. Contractual Liability

  3. Liquor Liability

  4. Workers Compensation

  5. Employers Liability

  6. Pollution

  7. Aircraft, Autos, or Watercraft

  8. Mobile Equipment

  9. Damage to certain types of property

  10. Damage to your own products

  11. Damage to your work

  12. Damage to impaired property or property not physically injured

  13. Recall of Products, Work or impaired property

  14. Personal and Advertising Injury

  15. Electronic Data

  16. Distribution of Material in Violation of Statues


Please note, these are the standard exclusions.  Not all standard exclusions fit your risk profile or business needs.  Buyers of insurance and underwriters can craft endorsements to give back these exclusions or provide other coverages under manuscript or filed endorsements.

It can’t hurt to ask for the exclusion removed if you need the coverage.

Your broker, agent or consultant can help you with these endorsements.

Please comment below or Contact Us if you have any questions.

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