Brokers and Agents: time to up your game!

For the many members of our audience who are Insurance Brokers and Agents we hope you are enjoying the content.  There has been much discussion about The Future of Insurance Agents and Brokers on InsuranceShark as well as across Linkedin, Twitter, and Medium.  But if you are willing to take a word of advice – Brokers and Agents: it’s time to up your game!

Brokers and Agents have a great advantage, they control customers, future customers (Millennial) parents and relatives utilize the traditional distribution channel already, and the economics of acquiring customer are very healthy.  But it is time to up your game.  It’s time to engage with customers and people outside your network, become a thought leader and become recognized for the value added services that insurance brokers and agents provide.

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If you haven’t already it’s time to learn about social media, social media advertising, distributing free content, API’s and gaining influence online.  Your expertise can even gain recognition and board opportunities on local and regional businesses.

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If you embrace this technology evolution as a broker or agent, you will be well positioned overtime.  It may also improve your quality of life.

Happiness is measured in many different ways as we are all different, but the ability to embrace technology to better transact on behalf of clients, solicit new clients, and review coverage is an amazing opportunity and should be embraced.  Embracing technology and spending less time and resources will also help your bottom line.

A way to embrace this change is to publish articles about the industry, risk, and types of exposures customers may not be aware of.  At InsuranceShark, you have the opportunity to expand your audience and reach by publishing on a variety of insurance topics.

InsuranceShark is a platform that allows professionals and customers to interact, ask questions, and engage on important issues related to risk, insurance, and personal finance.

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