Books on Millennials: are they enough?

Understanding your customer or employees that are part of the Millennial generation is the focus of many senior leaders in various industries.  There are many books on managing, retaining, attracting and selling to Millennials.  I’ve read a few, but I am starting to wonder if books on this interesting generation of people is enough.

Is it time to have Millennials leading millennials?

In the insurance industry, a book on Millennials alone might not be enough.

There should be a Millennial who is involved in each the various operational positions of an organization- being trained to lead.   One reason is for the future transition and development of these individuals, but two for the continuous alignment with customers.

Surveys or interactive working groups with your young talent may also help you find the next generation of talent.  But as a leader  – engaging with this group directly is the way to get the information you need to figure out who is best suited to lead your organization.

The rest of the economy has been transitioning, we are seeing Millennial senior leaders in all areas of the economy.  Time for the conservative insurance industry to make the shift.  Buyers like to see other people similar to them on the other side of the trade.  Risk managers, C level execs, etc.  – these ranks are all being filled with younger generation employees with better and better data and analytics & technical skills.

Even in your Human Resources or staffing divisions of your organization, having young Millennial talent will be helpful.

Many of these topical books are good starting points on understanding certain people and the age group, however, to figure out a consumer group or group of employees – rarely is a book alone ever the answer.  Having boots on the ground or experts with this age group is more likely to bring better results.

Who is best suited to take on this challenge of the next generation?  What experiences would be required or educational background?

But again raises the question…Books on Millennials: are they enough?

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