Are you tired of paying too much for insurance and feeling frustrated in return?  Now is your chance to become empowered with information about the insurance industry, rather than buying insurance based upon the lowest price.

Are you looking for insurance quote or insurance company reviews? Keep reading, because we have made research for you.

Insurance Shark is a blue-ocean for info about the Insurance industry. Everything you should know about insurance in one place!

This blog is directed at both Consumers & “Non-industry insiders” as well as Insurance Industry Insiders.  

Consumers & “Non-industry insiders”

For consumers it should focus as a resource to save money and make educated decisions around risk.  For the consumer, we will address topics like:

  • how to buy insurance,
  • risk management,
  • risk financing,
  • strategy,
  • the basics around understanding and quantifying risk
  • about the insurance industry,
  • decipher the insurance language,
  • discuss news and events in the industry

As we advance, we will have product recommendations for the consumer and direct links to quotes, products or consultants/brokers who can advise the business/individual on the best risk management strategies.

Again the goal of this blog is to empower individuals and business about insurance products/services, …you may occasionally see some posts around personal finance and occasional investment analysis as the topics sometimes overlap.

Insurance Industry Insiders

For industry Insiders it should focus as a resource to manage diversified portfolios, maximize returns and find strategies to efficiently use their capital & avoid “Red Ocean” strategies.  For the insurance industry insider, we will cover insurance industry news, events, announcements, company news and investors’ briefings, innovations, new technology, products and services.

Topics range from emerging risks for Property & Casualty (both personal & commercial insurance) to Life and Health insurance, we will address issues on the following:

  • news
  • emerging risks
  • new technology
  • underwriting
  • finance
  • accounting
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • industry and market trends
  • the interaction of the insurance industry with the capital markets