Pet Insurance: protect your wallet and your pets

Pet Insurance: protect your wallet and your pets:

As most pet owners know your pet is member of your family.  There is nothing more painful than seeing a loved one sick or hurt.  Pet Insurance is a way to protect your loved ones as well as your wallet.

As most pet owners know, walking into the vet’s office can cost you $50, $80, even upwards of $100 prior to any real treatment.

Which for many might be just considered the cost of having a pet, if it’s once a year check up or infrequent visits.  However, this is an example of an insurance product that you may not understand the importance until you are struck with misfortune.


Personal story

As an adolescent, my dog a golden retriever had a few different reasons for trips to the Vet.  One example was an accident – she was okay, but the visit, testing, and recovery were quite expensive out of pocket for my family.  Although expensive this one time expense was viewed as part of the expense of having a dog.

Afterwards as she got older, she suffered from Lymphoma, among other symptoms/issues.

The regular visits, medicine, etc. as she got older definitely added up vs. the one time accident.  Looking back for my parents it must have been a difficult decision, the financial impact vs. losing a family member (since we didn’t have Pet insurance).  I’m sure my family wished we have Pet insurance at this time.

Regular visits to Vet, medicine, etc.  added up financially.

Also, I never thought about it until I became a father, but how difficult it must have been on my parents to see us kids upset by the whole experience.


Considerations for Pet Insurance

Things to consider when buying Pet Insurance include:

  • Coverage
  • What’s not covered
  • Deductibles
  • Limits
  • Benefits
  • Waiting periods
  • Your Pet’s medical history


nose-to-tail pet insurance coverage with Embrace

Embrace Pet Insurance

There are some basic principles you should know about Pet Insurance, but a great tool to get quotes is Embrace Pet Insurance.

A few highlights about Embrace:

  • Just like with human doctors – sometimes just walking into the vet’s office can cost you $50, $80, even upwards of $100. Embrace includes this fee in your reimbursement. Many pet insurance companies do not cover your vet’s exam fee (sometimes called an office visit fee). When a pet insurance company doesn’t cover the exam fee, it’s almost like paying an extra deductible on every single claim you file. Embrace thinks you should be reimbursed for every part of your visit, not just some of it.
  • Unlike human health insurance, pet insurance has no networks. Because it works based on a reimbursement method, you pay the vet directly, submit your claim, and we pay you back – you can visit any veterinarian, specialist, or emergency hospital you like.
  • Cancer treatment is covered as long as the condition is not pre-existing to the policy and waiting periods. Coverage includes diagnostics and testing, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery & hospitalization, rehabilitation, and alternative therapies.

Get a FREE quote from Embrace Pet Insurance.



As a insurance professional, I am always going to be more risk adverse than most – however, when it comes to Pets and Pet insurance… I think this is a must buy.  After experiencing what I went through as a young adult, I would never want to be in a position of deciding my wallet vs. my family member.  It’s a terrible situation to be in.  Loved ones need to be protected, no matter how much or little fur they have.

After using the free quote tool, quotes ranged from $19-26 per month.  This is a reasonable expense, considering the coverage, limits and deductibles.

I would sacrifice the extra expenses now in life (i.e. daily Starbucks, takeout, etc.) to avoid this situation.

Delayed gratification for the protection required in an emergency or when a Pet gets sick.


nose-to-tail pet insurance coverage with Embrace

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