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About InsuranceShark

About InsuranceShark

Our Mission

Our mission at InsuranceShark is to provide insurance consumers a platform and the resources to become Sharks when it comes to purchasing insurance.  Regardless of consumer background, we want readers to become educated, savvy and understand this important risk transfer tool that helps our society function.

Along with educating consumers, we think it is equally important to provide a platform for insurance professionals to engage, understand, publish and observe what information consumers are looking to learn more about.  Ultimately better serving their customers and closing the information gap/dissatisfaction with the insurance product.




Our Editor is Warren Franklin, he is a retired insurance industry veteran, who spent his career working at large publicly traded insurance and reinsurance companies.  After retiring to focus on investing opportunities and his family life, he saw the need and opportunity for the insurance language to be translated into layman’s terms.  Hence the creation of InsuranceShark.

He is a co-founder of InsuranceShark.  It is his mission to work with other industry veterans and experts to help pass the appropriate information onto consumers so they are appropriately protected and continue to grow their personal net worth or shareholder value.

He is known for his philosophy of protecting the customer…. “In this information age, it is our responsibility to inform insurance consumers to give them the tools to make the best decisions around risk.  As technology is giving consumers the ability to transact insurance directly with carriers, it is also exposing them to unequal trading if consumers are less informed “ – Warren Franklin


The Millennial Shark

The Millennial Shark is a regular contributor to InsuranceShark, focused on topics that include Millennials in Insurance, personal finance, insurance topics, risk, the future of underwriting. He currently works in the insurance industry and will be a regular contributor on various topics.


Join the InsuranceShark Team.


We are opening up the InsuranceShark platform to authors outside our team.  Our editorial team will still review all content and submissions for appropriateness and professionalism.  See our submission guidelines for questions.

If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration, please include the following in the fields on our Contact Us page or email Warren directly.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Please label the Subject line as “Article Submission”
  • Quick Biography
  • Topic/Idea
  • Any questions

Once submitted, our editor will reach out to you via email or phone to start the editorial conversation.


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