Career Advice: Stay in your Lane

Career Advice: Stay in your Lane:

For those millennials entering the insurance industry or young professionals already on their journey, I have some career advice: stay in your lane.


By “stay in the lane” this implies, don’t go outside your job function or role.  Contrary to career websites or climbing the corporate ladder discussions, it is rarely the person who is stepping on toes in others functions and lanes who prevails.


Many career websites claim the following will help you advance:

  • Raise your hand
  • Challenge the current thinking
  • Take on extra credit
  • Be innovative


These are great words of advice, however, if the culture of your organization is key to understanding which will work and which will backfire.


Passion and excitement about career are great, but if your passion is causing others headaches or extra work, it will not always have the same intended outcome.   It can also cause resentment for you the employee, if your efforts are not recognized.  Causing people to job hop, however, one of the most efficient and secure ways to climb the corporate ladder is to do it within your current company.



This advice is not exclusive to the insurance industry, but as an industry with a culture of slow moving, cautious, and risk adverse people – it would be wise to manage your own (and others) expectations carefully.


It would be wise to gather support and mentor to help you get coaching, then pay it forward and coach others throughout your career.   Invest in your education, word hard, communicate, play well with others, and be patient.


Mistakes are part of learning and a good organization will utilize the mistakes you make to help train you and help you learn from them.  Good managers and leaders will embrace these mistakes as learning opportunities that they couldn’t provide until they occur.   Some managers will over do it on the reinforcement of behavior, thereby alienating an employee ultimately driving them out of the organization.


The journey of life has ups and downs, challenges and you will get knocked down.  Be prepared, be active, be optimistic, be patient and stay in your lane.


Good things will come to those who wait.


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