About Warren

How Warren became an InsuranceShark:

  • Retired Insurance and Reinsurance exec – Insurance Thought Leader
  • Noticed a development of more online insurance quote comparison tools and insurance consumers buying direct
  • Went searching online for a website that offered education to people in layman’s terms
  • Saw the need to educate consumers about these tools and insurance products in general, easy to read and interactive so consumers could comment about their experiences with their insurance company
  • Came across the blogging world and fell in love with “real life” examples and transparency
  • Started InsuranceShark to have fun and start conversations about insurance products
  • Became an Insurance startup consultant and investor in the insurance industry
  • He is known for his philosophy of protecting the customer…. “In this information age, it is our responsibility to inform insurance consumers to give them the tools to make the best decisions around risk.  As technology is giving consumers the ability to transact insurance directly with carriers, it is also exposing them to unequal trading if consumers are less informed “ – Warren Franklin


Topics he’s currently passionate about:


Personal facts:

  • Lives in the N.Y.C. area
  • Overall positive person
  • Family man, Big reader, loves movies and passionate about exercise
  • Loves connecting with people
  • Owner of rental properties & residential assets
  • Believes insurance consumers need to be proactive to educate themselves

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